The Gift of Loss

When Cathy Agasar’s husband of over twenty years was killed suddenly, leaving her to raise their three children alone, she finally took stock of how she’d been living — and made a choice which transformed everything. She’d been putting everyone else’s needs first, which completely zapped her emotional, physical, and spiritual reserves — the exact reserves she desperately needed when her world turned upside down.

Cathy’s journey to wellness started with one small step: acknowledging that she had choices. Her inspirational journey invites you to look at your own life, evaluate your joy levels, and shows you how to mindfully trust that with faith, anything can be achieved.

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Cathy Agasar is available for interviews. Contact her via the information in this electronic press kit.

The Book of Loss Transforming Tragedy by Cathy Agasar

About Cathy

Cathy Agasar believes that there were incredible gifts that came after the sudden death of her first husband. Using that experience as a catalyst for personal growth, Cathy completely transformed her life. She lives with her beloved husband Jerry and their family in Bucks County, PA. This is her first book.

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