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Wake Up The Happy Brain


ife is full of experiences. They can be positive or negative, but it’s how we respond to them that makes the difference in our lives. When we respond in a positive manner, life’s experiences can be encouraging and raise our game. On the flip side, negative responses can leave us feeling helpless and alone.

Dr. Jerry Agasar recently joined with a variety of chiropractors, naturopaths, alternative medicine practitioners, therapists, and product developers to bring you a collection of perspectives designed to give you a thousand-foot view of holistic living. Each author shares their story and insights as to how their unique, whole-person approach to healing has helped transform lives in ways that go beyond the allopathic treatment model of Western medicine. It’s a great way to be inspired to get back to basics and thriving in our complex world.

Attitude & Energy, Dr. Jerry’s chapter in the book, is all about making a choice to live life in a way that brings you joy and abundance. It may not be easy, but the difference comes when you focus on the right attitude and energy for you. After all, life is a four-letter word that takes work.

Dr. Jerry’s book, Wake Up: The Happy Brain, can be purchased here or in our office.

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About Jerry

Dr. Jerry is a second-generation chiropractor; he has been practicing chiropractic wellness for 37 years now.  He has seen the amazing benefits of maintaining a positive outlook in all areas of life…in our careers, our relationships, and most importantly our health, and writes about the difference attitude & energy make.  He and his wife Cathy live and work in historic Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 

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