Our Principles

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Dr. Gerald J. Agasar, also known as “Dr. Jerry”, is a second-generation chiropractor practicing in Newtown, PA, since 1982.  Since his first adjustment at the tender age of six months, Dr. Jerry has lived a chiropractic lifestyle.  His mission is to educate patients every day on the importance of maintaining a chiropractic healthy lifestyle, including eating right, exercising regularly and thinking positively.  He is passionate about serving people for wellness, and wants the public to know that maintaining a healthy nervous system is the backbone of wellcare and living the life you want.  His personal mission is to have a positive impact on everyone he meets.

Following in the footsteps of his father and setting the stage for his son, Dr. Jerry has been a forerunner in chiropractic care in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania, since his graduation from National Chiropractic College.  He is a member of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.  He decided early in his career to be active in his community, and has been a member of the Newtown Rotary Club since 1983.  He was honored as Rotarian of the Year in 2005, as well as named a Paul Harris Fellow three times, an honor for his dedication to service above self.  Dr. Jerry has been recognized multiple times by The Masters Circle, a professional chiropractic organization dedicated to personal development and chiropractic excellence.

Our Story

What happens when two interesting, intelligent, wellness-minded individuals are set up on a blind date on a bitterly cold winter’s night during the holidays?  One of them gets to take a business deduction!

Not all blind dates end in marriage and the creation of a family wellness center, but it’s lucky for Newtown and the surrounding area that this one did. Fifteen weeks from blind date to “I do” and one year later, Agasar Family WellCare at Inner Spa is born.

When Dr. Jerry Agasar and Cathy Agasar (Windland) met in late December, 2017, no one could have predicted the whirlwind that the next year would become. Funny how they both worked in the wellness field (within a mile of each other), knew many of the same people, and had a shared faith in God, yet never once ran into each other, but they say He works in mysterious ways. One date turned into two, and as winter turned into spring, both families came together to celebrate their new, blended existence. 

Then came the most fulfilled, life-altering, fantastic year of their lives to date.  In between traveling, biking and walking, holistic living, and spending time with loved ones, Jerry and Cathy realized they were better together in more ways than one.  As they each talked about their passion for what they do, they could be heard saying, “We should be doing something together to serve people.”

At first, it just sounded good, and people were interested, but the more they said it, the better the idea became.  As easily as the questions came, so did the answers, and it quickly became clear that Agasar Family WellCare at Inner Spa would be born, bringing Newtown and the surrounding communities the best wellcare it has ever seen, inside and out.

Dr. Jerry Agasar, chiropractor extraordinare and Newtown’s longest practicing chiropractor, and Cathy Agasar (Windland), board certified colon hydrotherapist and owner of Inner Spa, joined forces to create a wellness center focused on holistic wellcare, a concept that is rooted in the belief that the body can heal itself when given the proper care and attention.   Agasar Family WellCare at Inner Spa focuses on helping individuals find their wellness through chiropractic care, colon hydrotherapy, detoxification services, and more, all in a natural, life-giving way.  The goal: to serve people on their wellness journey, one individual at a time.

Begin your journey to optimal health today!