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Our Chiropractic Doctors

Dr. Gerald J. Agasar

Dr. Jerry is an experienced holistic chiropractor who is passionate about helping people to do more than just get out of pain.  As he builds relationships with each patient, he shares best practices for lifestyle modifications that support keeping the spine and nervous system functioning optimally.  He is passionate about what he does, especially educating for better understanding.  His knowledge of chiropractic and a belief that the body can heal itself allow him to guide patients to reach their best potential and fulfill their highest purpose.

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Dr. Gerald J. Agasar, also known as “Dr. Jerry”, is a second-generation chiropractor practicing in Newtown, PA, since 1982.  Since his first adjustment at the tender age of six months, Dr. Jerry has lived a chiropractic lifestyle.  His mission is to educate patients every day on the importance of maintaining a chiropractic healthy lifestyle, including eating right, exercising regularly and thinking positively.  He is passionate about serving people for wellness, and wants the public to know that maintaining a healthy nervous system is the backbone of wellcare and living the life you want.  His personal mission is to have a positive impact on everyone he meets.

Following in the footsteps of his father and setting the stage for his son, Dr. Jerry has been a forerunner in chiropractic care in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania, since his graduation from National Chiropractic College.  He is a member of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.  He decided early in his career to be active in his community, and has been a member of the Newtown Rotary Club since 1983.  He was honored as Rotarian of the Year in 2005, as well as named a Paul Harris Fellow three times, an honor for his dedication to service above self.  Dr. Jerry has been recognized multiple times by The Masters Circle, a professional chiropractic organization dedicated to personal development and chiropractic excellence.

Dr. Andrew J. Agasar

Dr. Andrew is a holistic chiropractor experienced in working with people of all ages.  From infants to the elderly, he brings the latest chiropractic techniques to help people move and function better.  Having grown up in a chiropractic family, he readily shares his love of chiropractic to educate and inform.  He loves working with patients and seeing how they change as pain decreases and life increases.

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Dr. Andrew Agasar is a third-generation chiropractor.  Chiropractic care has had a profound impact in his life, one that led to finding his life’s purpose: to help people find wellness through a natural approach to wellcare.  Dr. Andrew believes wholeheartedly in the body’s ability to heal itself, and by aiding patients in achieving a properly functioning nervous system, he has been able to help them attain improved performance for everyday living.  He is passionate about working with children and adults alike, and believes that in order to build healthy communities, it begins with children.

Dr. Andrew graduated Summa Cum Laude and was the salutatorian of his chiropractic class at Life University; he also received the peer-awarded Integrity and Citizenship Award.  He completed his undergrad work in biobehavioral health at Penn State University.  Dr. Andrew is a life-long resident of Lower Bucks County, and is actively involved in professional organizations.  When he is not serving his patients, he love to play golf.

Our Colon Hydrotherapists and more!

Cathy Agasar (Windland)

Cathy is a national board certified colon hydrotherapist and certified I-ACT instructor, as well as a doTERRA wellness advocate and detoxification specialist.  She is passionate about educating people about digestive health and cleansing, and through her own wellness journey, she has come to understand that the mind/body/spirit connection leads to better health and wellcare.  She loves what she does, and enjoys working with clients every day.

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Cathy Agasar is a national board certified colon hydrotherapist and I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapy instructor.  She often tells people she got into the profession simply because she bought a business, but once she decided to become certified, she fell in love with the profession and working with clients on their wellness journey, one person at a time.  Her own wellness journey brought her to a new level of understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection and a passion to educate the public about gut health and cleansing.

Additionally, Cathy is a certified wellness advocate and detoxification specialist; she is currently working toward becoming a core wellness coach.  Early in her professional career in marketing, she learned the importance of giving back to her profession.  She is actively involved in the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT), and currently serves as the Vice President.  She was voted Best of Bucks Holistic Health Practitioner in 2017 and named I-ACT Colon Hydrotherapist of the Year in 2013.  Locally, she is active in the community with the Newtown Business Association and Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce, and has received various awards for marketing and business.

Leslie Haugen

Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Leslie came to us as a client seeking support for her personal healthy journey. Through her healing process, she was inspired to offer that same natural alternative to others. Dedicated to the belief that the body WILL heal if given the correct balance of nutrition and care, Leslie went through the rigorous I-ACT certification training and has been a colon hydrotherapist at Inner Spa for several years.

Offering encouragement and knowledge, Leslie is with you every step of your wellness journey. Her cheery smile and warm graciousness create an environment of care. Her passion for learning comes across in her explanations and education with every visit.

Olga Lyons

Esthetician, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Once a client, now a team member, Olga brings an eclectic blend of experiences to the Center. She is passionate about helping people look and feel their best, which is backed by advancing her skills and taking on new certifications. As a colon hydrotherapist, completing her I-ACT certification with a top-score, her knowledge, technical skills and caring demeanor are evident.

With a background in medical esthetics, Olga also offers wax hair removal, ear candling, organic facials and other skin-related services. Her warm personality and no-nonsense advice blend together for a pleasing experience in her treatment rooms.

Kathi Jackson, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed in both PA and NJ, Kathi is a graduate of Philadelphia’s renowned NMTI (National Massage Therapy Institute.) Kathi’s fulfillment lies in working with her hands to help people.

She customizes each massage to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs by blending techniques of sports massage, Swedish & deep tissue work and trigger point therapy. Kathi is also a practitioner of bamboo-fusion, reiki and post- and pre-natal modalities. As a well-rounded therapist, her holistic approach to body treatments offers a unique opportunity for the body, mind a spirit to heal and thrive.

Cindy Sears, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Formally trained in Muscular Therapy, Cindy is here to customize your massage to your needs. Her history aligns with Swedish massage and she incorporates her knowledge of Reiki, trigger-point therapies and myofascial work to tend to your aches and issues. After 20 years in New Jersey and Massachusetts, we are fortunate to have her add PA to her licensing and join Inner Spa.

You may also find her in our other treatment rooms offering Infrared Sauna or even the detoxifying Ionic Foot Bath. All of our services work together to help you move along your wellness journey; relax with Cindy’s guidance, expertise and firm touch.

Begin your journey to optimal health today!